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Top 10 Teams from Bike MS NYC 2012

#1: Barclays Chain Gang

Barclays Chain Gang has been one of our top Bike MS teams since 2004. Consistently raising more than $100,000 each year, this team rose from being the number two team to first place this year. Led by team captains Temmy Lizarzabal and Paige Maire, who raised $51,385 and $50,935 respectively, Barclays Chain Gang has cumulatively raised $1,792,202. Way to go! We’re betting they’ll break the two million mark this year!

#2: JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase has remained one of our consistent top teams since 2004. This year, they rose from third place ranking to second! Last year, with 151 members, they had their best fundraising year yet raising $108,626! That’s nearly a $10,000 increase from 2011. Also impressive to note is that in 2011, they nearly tripled what they raised the previous year. What an impressive growth rate! Great job to team captains: Jeff Matusow, Rob Moore, Matthew Applegate, Daniel Ivezaj, David Fucio, Maria Krasnovsky, Fran Pak, Ryan Rugg Shapiro. 

#3: Goldman Sachs

This team hit a very special milestone in 2012 when they broke the one million mark! Formed in 2002, Goldman Sachs has raised more than $100,000 each year since 2007, even breaking the $200,000 mark in 2009! In 2012, this 142 member team was led by team captains Patricia Gagliano, a 2013 Elite 200 Club Member, and Winston Crowley and Cindy Quan, both 2012 Top Fundraisers. This year, Cindy Quan will take over the reins. Go Team Goldman Sachs!

#4: ING Bike Team

Moving from the sixth ranked team to the fourth is ING Bike Team. This team of 45, led by team captain Edgar Bautista, was also named the Division III Winner! ING Bike Team has been riding with us since 2004 and in 2008 they had a tenfold increase in what they raised in 2007. To date, they have raised cumulatively more than $58,000.

#5: Team in Motion 

This team truly is in motion moving from ninth place ranking to fifth! Led by Henry Richmond and Hope Tannenbaum, Team in Motion raised $54,233 in 2012 earning them the #1 Friends and Family team award. Since its formation in 2007, this 30 member team has raised more than $271,000!

#6: Nizer’s Riders

Another impressive fundraising team! Nizer’s Riders rose from the eighth spot to the sixth. Led again by team captains Peter Smith and Andrew Tunick, this team continues to prove that you can be a small team and have a large impact. Joining us in 2009, this team of 13 initially raised $29,211. To date, they have raised $181,732 towards a world free of MS.

#7: Morgan Stanley Bike Team

Morgan Stanley has been participating in Bike MS since 2004 and has cumulatively raised more than $400,000 towards a world free of MS! Led by Lisa Lebowitz, Kate Waters, Yared Yawand-Wossen and New York City – Southern New York Chapter board member Sean Murdoch this team of 117 raised $52,848 in 2012. Morgan Stanley Bike Team has been a top team with us for the last few years and we are very pleased to have them.

#8: Credit Suisse

Team Credit Suisse has been riding with us since 2004 cumulatively raising more than $820,000! This team is getting very close to reaching the Million Dollar Team Award! Led by team captains Lyndsay Boelsen, Anthony Cavanna, Danielle Milota and Christian Vardeleon in 2012, this team of 101 members, raised $44,806! We are extremely pleased to have them as a part of our event.

#9: Team Skae Power/New Leaf

New to our Top 10 this year is a team whose presence could not be missed at the 2012 ride. Led by team captains Mairin McPartland, Peter Skae, Hannah Murphy and Denise Windram, this 127 member team, raised an outstanding $41,783.Team Skae Power/New Leaf was formed in 2009. Since then, they have cumulatively raised more than $110,000! Last year was their most impressive yet, doubling in size and fundraising. This team deserves a special shout out! We are so happy to congratulate them! 

#10: Bloomberg

Another new addition to our Top 10 this year is team Bloomberg who doubled their fundraising from 2011 to 2012 and raised an incredible $40,126. Formed in 2009, team Bloomberg has cumulatively raised more than $80,000 towards a world free of MS. Led by team captain Julisa Marmolejos this team of 143 made a huge impact at Bike MS 2012. We are so excited to see what they will do in the future!

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