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Team of the Week

Our FIRST Team of the Week is AB Riders!

This team is leading the pack this year having raised $20,754 and counting. They are our #1 fundraising team so far and we are super excited for them. They have committed to being an Elite Team for the first time with a team fundraising goal of $40,000!

Made up of 43 members, team AB Riders, led by Laurence Cranch, already has two members who have reached Top Fundraiser status and a few more that are about to cross the $1,000 threshold to join them.

Last year AB Riders had their best fundraising year since they began in 2009 and we are excited to see them surpass it this year!

Congratulations AB Riders!

If you or someone you know would like to be our featured Team of the Week, please email Carrie Seekircher at with your fundraising ideas and a link to your team page.

Check out the accomplishments of past Teams of the Week.

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