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The safety of our cyclists is our number one priority for Bike MS. Each year, thousands of participants join in approximately 100 rides across the nation. There will be a great mix of riders with different experience and skill levels on the road together. To help ensure that everyone has a great ride and arrives safely at the finish line we are working together to create a proactive approach to safety.

Safety isn’t just about wearing your cycling helmet and knowing the rules of the road. Those are very important measures, but cycling safety involves much more. Bike safety includes a wide variety of topics including hydration, bike maintenance, group riding, attire, cycling etiquette and much more.

The National MS Society strongly encourages you to review the compiled bike safety information resources in the box to the right. This information will help you prepare and practice safe cycling skills.

Ride safely and have fun because there’s nothing like crossing the finish line and celebrating with your team! Don’t just ride, Bike MS.


Helmet Safety

Your helmet is your best friend during your ride. Helmets may reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 percent so it is crucial to wear a properly fitting helmet when riding. Follow these tips to find the best helmet for you:

  • Find the smallest helmet size that fits over your head.
  • Make sure that your helmet fits comfortable on the top of your head (not tipped back).
  • Leave about two fingers’ width between your eyebrows and the front of the helmet.
  • Do not use pads to try to fit an overly large helmet to your head.
  • Straps should be joined just under each ear at the jaw.
  • The buckle should be snug. You can test this with your mouth open wide for the appropriate facial stretch.
  • Always replace a helmet after a crash or impact that may have affected its integrity.
  • Dispose of damaged helmets.

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