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Prize Information

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes: The benefits to fundraising!

Fundraising for Bike MS gives you the personal satisfaction of knowing your efforts are moving us closer to a world free of MS AND gives you the chance to earn some great prizes: 

Prize Levels:
Our prize website is now available. All participants who reach one of the levels listed below by the fundraising deadline, November 16, 2012, will be eligible to receive a post event fundraising prize.

Prize Levels:

If you are a Top Fundraiser or 2013 Elite 200 Club member, check back soon for this year’s jersey design. Here is how the process of redeeming your prize will work:

Top Fundraisers:
All individuals who raise $1,000 or more are considered Top Fundraisers and will receive great prizes and event day perks. Visit our Top Fundraiser web page to see this year’s Top Fundraisers and to learn more about the perks. All 2012 Top Fundraisers will receive a commemorative jersey after the post event deadline. Here is this year's jersey design:

TF jersey picture 

Elite 200 Club:
The top 200 individuals from last year’s Bike MS make up our 2012 Elite 200 Club this year. They will receive many great perks. Visit our Elite 200 web page to see the list of individuals in this group and the perks that they get. Not in the 2012 club? Aim high and join the 2013 Elite 200 Club - this club will be made up of the top 200 fundraising individuals as of the post event fundraising deadline, November 16, 2012. All 2013 club members will receive a commemorative Elite 200 Club jersey:

E200 jersey picture 

Online Fundraising Days:
Several times throughout Bike MS season, we will hold one-day fundraising days. On these days, different fundraising challenges will be issued and participants will have the chance to win a variety of great prizes for the donations they raise on the specific day. Prizes on these fundraising days are only given for donations received online during that assigned 24 hour period. These days will be announced via email and on Facebook. Become a Facebook fan to receive advanced notice.

Mission First Club:
Many of our participants who earn prizes generously donate them back to further support our mission - to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. By donating the cost of your prize back, you are directly helping the National MS Society put more money toward making a difference in the lives of those affected by MS. The Mission First Club is set-up to honor and recognize these individuals. Contact us at or 212-463-9791 if you would like to forego your prize and become a member of our Mission First Club. THANK YOU to our 2011 Mission First Club members.   

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