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Committee Leadership Opportunities

The Bike MS New York City Committee meets monthly at either the New York City office or the Westchester office. We ask that members dedicate two to three hours a week of their time to assist with planning for the event. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following sub-committees.

All committee members are encouraged to participate in one or more sub-committee.

Ride Marshals

The Ride Marshal Sub-Committee is responsible for enhancing the Bike MS NYC Ride Marshal program; including but not limited, to training, recruitment and management.

Rider Experience
The Rider Experience Sub-Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities to enhance the overall rider experience at Bike MS NYC. Areas of focus will include:

Safety and Training
The Safety and Training Sub-Committee is responsible for the development of a comprehensive safety and training program for all levels of riders.

Community Outreach
The Community Outreach Sub-Committee will help promote Bike MS NYC at other cycling events, corporations and identifies other outlets for promotion of Bike MS NYC.

All sub-committees will be led by a Bike MS New York City Committee member and will be staffed by at least one member of the Chapter staff. Each sub-committee will develop goals for 2014 and create a strategic plan with specific tactics for how they will accomplish their goals. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Bike MS Committee at or call 212-463-9791.

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